Hi, I’m Lee-an, 30 years old.

I am a Catholic Lay Missionary and a Pro-life advocate. I am currently handling an advocacy program called Live Life. Live Life is one of the pillars of Live Christ, Share Christ. Aside from being passionate about the cause of faith, family and life, I am also currently teaching college students about God. I have been a part-time faculty member of De La Salle University – Manila’s Theology and Religious Education Department since January 2017. For a semester, I was also able to teach Theology of the Laity and Lay Spirituality in Don Bosco Center of Studies – Institute of Theological Formation. It is in that same institute that I am currently finishing my Master of Arts in Theology major in Moral Theology. Currently, I am also in San Carlos Seminary teaching seminarians about the Fundamentals of the Christian Faith.) Prior to me taking this road less traveled, I worked as nurse for two years in National Kidney and Transplant Institute. There, I learned the value of human life and how we should treat our patients holistically. I learned how to empathize and to advocate for others, especially those who have less in life. Although I found out that it was not really the place where I was meant to stay in for the long haul, it became my “training ground” to appreciate what washing the feet of my neighbor meant. I became a Catholic Lay Missionary of CFC – FFL after that for two years, serving under its media ministry – FLiQ – and also helping out the CBCP for its Year of the Laity. I felt called to “go out” momentarily and so for the next two years, I found myself ministering to kids from 3 years old to 12 and to college students in Saint Pedro Poveda College. I organized liturgies, paraliturgies and did retreats and recollections. I wrote the pastoral formation track of the Campus Ministry Office, which is still being used even after I left! I guess I was really put their for a reason. In Poveda, I learned the spirituality of the Desert and I fell in love with the “contemplative in action” way of life. It was through the Teresianas that, I believe, I grew to love God in a deeper way. And then came the call to study Theology, teach it and go back to missionary life. So here I am, sailing the seas with God being my Wind.

During my free time, I love conversing with people and listening to their stories over coffee. I also find it a joy to share mine, when the opportunity calls for it. I like hanging out in the kitchen to cook and bake. It makes me smile to serve others through the little things, like surprising my friends with a homecooked meal or a bag of cookies, and through missionary work. Though I am Sanguine, there are times when I like being alone, with a book or my Kindle on hand. I like reading thought-provoking books, especially Catholic Classics authored by the Saints. I have been a writer since I was Grade 2 when I first won a literary contest. Discovering I could was not intentional but I realized how I loved putting words together to form a story, hence this blog!

My heroes are St. John Bosco, of whose spirituality I have now embraced, St. John Paul II, who became my major Theological influence, and the Carmelite saints – St. Teresa of Avila, St. John of the Cross, St. Therese of the Child Jesus and my favorite Carmelite (who also influences my Theology), St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross (Edith Stein). Likewise, I am also fascinated by St. Francis of Assisi (who was my school’s patron saint during my elementary years), St. Maximilian Mary Kolbe (I was invested to the Youth Militia Immaculata when I was in Grade 4!), Padre Pio, St. Anthony of Padua and St. Catherine of Siena. But of course, above all these (and apart from God) is Mama Mary, of whom I dedicate all my good works to. I am especially a devotee of her two titles: Mary Help of Christians and Our Lady of Mt. Carmel.

I like sharing about my faith through speaking and writing. So far, the Lord has brought me to numerous speaking engagements, allowing me to meet so many people from all walks of life! I really do not know why I was led to where I am at the moment but one thing is for sure, I always find myself in awe, with a joyful and grateful heart at the end of each day.

So here are my thoughts about life, reflecting on the words He has written down through the melodies of the world. Here’s the life I’ve chosen to live. Here are stories I’d like to share to the world. Stories of love. Stories of grace. Stories of great adventures.

In digital ink.


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